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Modified Motorcycle Association of California

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April 26, 2020 - 2 in 1 MMA Fundraiser:

Sons of California MC - Gold Country - 4th Annual Poker Run

MMA & Ride To Walk 5th Annual Swap Meet


Avenue of the Giants | Riding Humboldt County

May 24, 2020 Riding Humboldt County (RHC) –  Page @ BikerCalendar.EVENTS ⇒ Visit the Riding Humboldt County page to view the YouTube Playlist @ BikerCalendar.EVENTS Humboldt California’s Redwood Coast – Avenue of the Giants page: Hits: 5

Michelin Commander III | Thunder Press

May 20, 2020 Thunder Press Introducing the NEW Michelin® Commander® III Tire Patented Premium Touch™ Sidewall Styling An average of 25% longer tread wear The Best Wet Grip The Shortest Stopping Distances Michelin Motorcycle Tires: Thunder Press Magazine – Page @ BikerCalendar.EVENTS ⇒ Hits: 9

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CANCELLED: M.O.B. of Humboldt Corned Beef & Cabbage Feed BIKE NITE Thursday March 19, 2020 North of Fourth, Eureka CA

Hell Billy BIKE NIGHT - 1st Thursdays - McClurg's - Eureka CA

LADIES BIKE NIGHT - Last Thursdays - Phatsy Kline's - Eureka CA

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