Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly


About two years ago I bought my wife a new white Harley Fat Boy Low. Having two bikes to store in the garage I needed to come up with two dollies to minimize the space required to store the bikes. I had previously purchased a dolly for my Ultra Limited, but it was unstable and difficult to move with small steel wheels. I also found that it damaged my epoxy painted floors. I like to keep my motorcycle off of its suspension/wheels so that I can easily store and move it around my garage without starting it up. I like it out of the way, with a cover over it to protect it.

The problem was I couldn’t find a suitable dolly that was stable, easy to move, easy to get the bike onto, and didn’t damage my epoxy floors. I searched and I searched and ended up buying a crappy one that did not do the job. Disappointed, due to the fact that the steel wheels were 2” in diameter, I couldn’t easily roll over the cut seams in my concrete garage floor. Unstable beyond belief I was afraid to move it without assistance as the bike had a tendency to shift on the dolly and felt like it was going to tip. I told my wife how frustrated I was. My wife replied, “Why don’t we make our own and sell them! I am sure there are others out there looking for the same thing and having the same frustrations.” I looked at her and said, “I think that is possible.”

With an engineering background, I work in the manufacturing world selling metal finishing equipment and supplies. I know people who fabricate and how to get products designed and built. I worked with a business partner to design and fabricate a couple of dolly prototypes to test and store our bikes. We made a couple of adjustments and came up with a final product. The Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly was born!

When developing the Let’s Roll Cruiser dolly, I made sure it answered up to all the issues I saw with the one I had already bought and others on the market. Ours have large 4” polyurethane non-marking wheels on a 10-gauge tubular steel frame that is sturdy and easy to move. The special neoprene pads keep the bike from sliding on the dolly. Plus, it only requires one person to put the bike on and off!

I knew it would be easy to move, but I didn’t know my 125-pound wife was going to be able to move my 800+ pound bike without struggling. The two bikes are now sitting straight up on their dolly and require the least amount of space to store them side-by-side.

If you are ready to add the perfect motorcycle dolly to your life and eliminate all the hassles that come from storing your bike in a crowded garage then click here right now: https://letsroll.store/product/dolly-package/

Today we are proud to introduce this revolutionary dolly on to the market, here are just a few reasons why Let’s Roll will completely change how you store and care for your bike…

• 4” Non-Marking urethane wheels that won’t damage coated floors.
• Super stable, motorcycle won’t shift on frame; The bike frame sits on special neoprene resting pads.
• Super easy to move and doesn’t get hung up on concrete seams
• Bike tires are off the ground and the weight is off the suspension.
• Bike is upright, resting on the frame, not the kickstand.
• Single person loading and unloading of the dolly.
• Adjustable height.
• 1,100 weight capacity.
• Heavy-duty 10-gauge tubular steel construction.
• Quality workmanship – Made in the USA.
• Abrasive blasted and powder coated to a high gloss black finish.
• 1-year warranty.
• Scissor jack not included.

If you are particular about the care of your motorcycle, then this motorcycle dolly is just what you’ve been looking for! Click here right now https://letsroll.store/product/dolly-package/

This dolly is for motorcycle enthusiasts that are particular about the care of their motorcycle. You want your big bike off its suspension out of the way to eliminate all the hassles that come from storing your bike in a crowded garage.

Click here right now https://letsroll.store/product/dolly-package/ to get your Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly today!

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